Thursday morning with New England Cable News

Sarah Steinberg

This Thursday morning started off a little earlier than most, as I made my way to the Harwich Mariner’s Whitehouse Field at 3:30AM. I got to the field just after four to meet the satellite truck from New England Cable News, who was to feature the Cape Cod Baseball League throughout their Thursday morning ‘Day Trips’ segment. It was what Director of PR John Garner called, “A five hour infomercial for the league.” John Garner was among one of the many league representatives being interviewed by NECN’s weatherman Matt Noyse. Also present was Director of Social Media Liz Cohen, famous host moms Mrs. E and Ashby Crafts, Harwich Coach Steve Anglert, Harwich GM Ben Layton, Harwich PA Biz Layton, President Judy Walden Scarafile, Director of Corporate Development Bill Bussiere, and to round out the day was Commissioner Paul Galop. It was quite the event filled morning, as locals stopped by to see their favorite weather man in person and to say hello to league officials. I haven’t been up to see the sunrise in a while but the sight was immaculate and as pink streaks rose over the lights at Whitehouse field I thought, “Being up this early never looked so good.”



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