A look at the life of volunteers and interns for the CCBL

Tori Cotnoir

There is a tremendous amount of work that goes on behind the scenes before, after, and during the many games that the Cape Cod Baseball League hosts per night on its various fields. Personally, I find it to be extremely fascinating how the league is able to do so well while never asking for a dime in admission from guests. A great amount of the reason why all of this work gets carried through so efficiently and the league is able to continue without charging attendees of games can be attributed to the myriad of volunteers and interns that selflessly work them. As an intern for the Y-D Red Sox and the league myself, I am very familiar with how much time and effort is put into providing the atmosphere that the Cape league games are nationally known to be. However,  I was curious to find out why other interns and volunteers wanted to get involved and dedicate their summer to provide this atmosphere.

Most interns are college students from all over the country with majors ranging from sports management to gender studies. No matter what their major was though, when asked why they wanted to join the intern team here this summer, all of their answers were the same: “There’s nothing better than a summer on the Cape and being able to not only experience the atmosphere here, but to help keep it going.” One of the interns from Y-D, Jacob Muhlfelder, was actually a bat boy here when he was young and grew up around the players. Now, some of the players he playfully interacted with as a child are in the major leagues and still keep in touch with him as he starts his career.

The college interns here at Y-D were also very quick to answer what the coolest part of working and interacting with the players was. Brenna Diggins, who goes to Wesleyan and is a college athlete herself, stated that “since the players are all around our age, I feel more of a connection to them and want them to be discovered even more.” Finally, it is incredible experience to be an intern for something so special and unique. There really is nothing quite like a summer on the Cape and especially at the Cape league baseball fields.



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