A Family Affair

photo: Daniel Castano on the mound against the Harwich Mariners

Megan O’Shea 

Every summer the Cape league brings in players from all over the country, many of whom have never stepped foot in Massachusetts, let alone Cape Cod. This can be a totally new and exciting experience for a player who has never seen the crowded touristy streets of the Cape and who probably has never tasted better seafood.

Not only is this a new adventure for the player, but the players family as well. Proud parents and families travel across the country to watch their sons play in the prestigious Cape League, even if only for one game.

I was fortunate enough to sit with the family of Chatham Anglers pitcher Daniel Castano at two of Chathams home games this week, and learn a little bit about what it’s like for the players families.

Not only did Castanos parents come all the way from Florida, but so did his six brothers and sisters as well as his grandparents who came all the way from Texas! You could definitely say he had the largest cheering section at Veterans Field.

The family cheered on every single Angler who came up to bat and every new pitcher who walked out to the moud. You could tell they were there to support the whole team just as much as they were there to support their son.

Spending every summer of my life on the Cape I never really appreciated how huge the league really is. People come from all over the country to see the best of the best play here on Cape Cod and I’ve been fortunate to watch games my whole life. It really makes you appreciate the hard work that all the volunteers and sponsors put into keeping this wonderful tradition alive.


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