A Word with the Bat Boys

By Tori Cotnoir

The dictionary definition of a bat boy (or girl) is “a boy or girl who is employed to look after and retrieve bats during a baseball game and as a general assistant at other times.” Whereas this definition may seem trivial, the bat boys and girls make their job anything but trivial.

While talking to the three young bat boys that would be working last night, June 20th, for the Y-D and Wareham game, Jason, Austin and Ryan, I realized just how amazing this opportunity was for these young boys and girls. Two of the boys that were working last night drove all the way to the Cape from California just to be involved in this pre-professional league. The other boy has lived on the Cape all of his life and has been to the games here since he can remember.

“You get to interact with the team and meet the players. They’re gonna be famous one day!”  was the unified response from all three boys when asked what their favorite part of being a bat boy was. One of the boys also said that he had to “refrain from getting distracted by the player and focus on his job.” Much respect, little guy.

After interviewing these boys, I discovered how important this position was to them. It inspired me to research the position and history more, to where I came across Matthew McGough, who was a batboy for the New York Yankees when he was 16. McGough wrote a novel describing his experience and how much it molded him into the man he is today. Below is his video describing his experience that he wrote about.


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