The Gatemen Hit the Books

Kayla Krasnoo

When the college players commit to play in the Cape Cod Baseball League, they expect to be challenged on the field. The wooden bats will be a new experience, the pitching speed will be much faster and the overall pace of the game will take some getting used to. However, what the players don’t always come in to the summer season expecting is to be challenged off the field and more particularly, to be challenged in the classroom.

For the Wareham Gatemen, their off-days meant it was time for them to hit the books as they began their summer reading program before the season started on June 8th. This reading program is put on by the Gatemen players and is mainly tailored towards elementary school students. During their time visiting the schools, the Gatemen encourage the students to read and focus on the importance of picking up a book. On top of reading stories to the children, the players answer questions and even participate in an autograph signing at the end.

Being on the Cape for just about a month now for most players, the Gatemen have had two visits to John Decas Elementary School and one trip to Rochester Memorial Elementary School. As they look to continue this program and increase the amount of students they reach in their short summer here, the Gatemen players are scheduled to read to the Boys and Girls Club and local libraries.

Come join the Wareham players as they hit the books again on July 1st at Mattapoisett Public Library!



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