Cape Leaguers and Little Leaguers

By Ryan Fitzgerald

Growing up on the Cape, in Brewster specifically, I had the opportunity to attend the Whitecaps youth baseball clinic. Each of the ten Cape Cod Baseball League teams host youth clinics for kids as young as 6 and as old as 13. Every summer I couldn’t wait to meet the new crop of players on the Whitecaps who I would spend one or two weeks with learning the game and having fun. One year I was lucky enough to become close with a player and receive an autographed bat from him. My favorite events of the week in Brewster were definitely the home run derby and the slip and slide on the last day. But every team hosts their own events and activities during the week that make each clinic unique. The youth clinics are a great chance for young kids to get involved with a team and meet the players more personally. After one week the kids actually improve at their skills while having a lot of fun doing it, and want to return for another week. Not all the clinics are just fun and games for little kids as well. Some teams offer clinics for kids 6 to 13 or teenagers older than 13 who are looking to really improve and can get advanced skills instructions from some of the best college players and coaches in the country. It’s an opportunity you won’t find anywhere else and I encourage any youngster who is on the cape for at least a week during the summer to attend the clinics for any team. It adds to the cape league experience and is another aspect that makes the summer on Cape Cod so much fun. All you need to bring is a glove and you’re ready to play ball. Below are a few photos from the Brewster clinics of past years:

5852573_orig6353161_orig            8113200_orig


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