Stirrup the Tradition

Stirrups were a common form of socks worn by baseball players up until the mid-1990s, when players started wearing their pants all the way down to cover their ankles. Stirrups were necessary when players wore knickerbockers or “knickers” as a part of their uniform to help hold up their pants. Now, they seem to add to the nostalgic lore that baseball carries with it. Stirrups are uncommon among major leaguers but for one team in the Cape Cod Baseball League it is the exact opposite.

stirrupsThe Harwich Mariners don this retro sock fashion while playing at home and away. It is another intriguing quality of the Cape League. It adds to the purity of the game that is established here. Players with wood bats, playing for the chance to get to the show, while the fans come out to see a free ball game on a hot summer day. Although the stirrups may be hot to wear during the heat of summer, the Mariners don’t seem to mind at all. The old-fashioned uniforms can be seen throughout the summer at the Mariners’ games played at Whitehouse Field but if stirrups aren’t for you, don’t worry; there are nine other teams playing great baseball, just showing a little less leg.

-Sarah Steinberg, contributor


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