A legacy remembered..

Yesterday at the Harwich Mariners vs YD Red Sox game I was up in the press box. A family came up and started taking pictures of a picture hanging on the wall. I thought this was strange but assumed they had some explanation for their actions. Turns out the man on the wall was the woman’s father and she was showing her children the picture of their grandfather.

The man in the picture was Fred Ebbett, who was the commissioner of the Cape League for 13 years. Ebbett was also the athletic director and assistant principal at Harwich High School. He was a well-loved and respected man who did a lot for the community.

Aside from all his roles on Cape Cod, Ebbett was best known for bringing wooden bats to the Cape League. In 1985 he was behind the force that decided to switch the league from aluminum to wooden bats, which was unheard of at that time. That move that greatly enhanced the league’s reputation.

Ebbett died unexpectedly in 2003 at the age of 71. There is an award given every year named The Fred Ebbett 10th Player Award, which is given to a player who goes above and beyond on and off the field to make sure that Ebbett’s legacy is never forgotten.

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