From Southern accents back to Boston accents: Will Toffey returns to the Cape to play for Y-D

Returning back to his hometown in Barnstable this summer, Will Toffey will be joining the Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox for the remainder of the season. Toffey attended Salisbury High School and now is a rising Sophomore at Vanderbilt University. In high school, he played baseball and hockey.┬áThe thing is though, he didn’t just play these two sports as a time-occupier. He played them extremely well. So well that he was being looked at by scouts from schools all over the country for both sports.


One of these scouts was Tim Corbin from Vanderbilt University. In this video, both Will Toffey and coach Tim Corbin describe Toffey’s decision to play baseball for the Commodores.

On the Vanderbilt baseball website, Coach Corbin states, “Will is going to be able to impact our team offensively right away. He has a great knack for centering the baseball. His growth at third base during the fall will certainly enhance the possibility of getting on the field. He has a very competitive edge to him and it comes out in all phases of the game. Will is going to be fun to watch.”

This statement couldn’t be any more true regarding this summer. Will certainly is going to be fun to watch, and there already is much talk about his decision to play for Y-D. I attended games at Harwich, Hyannis, Wareham and Yarmouth-Dennis, and spectators at all fields were bringing up Toffey’s name.

Whereas this is just a glimpse of what the young native is all about, there will be many more things to say about Toffey as the season continues.

-Tori Cotnoir, Contributor


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