So How About This Weather?

The Cape is known for its unpredictable weather and so far this summer we’ve had a real taste of that. Take today for example, this morning it took me a half hour to drive from Brewster to Orleans for work because of the torrential down poor and flash flooding. Then just a few hours later it was sunny and warm out, a perfect day to spend at the beach. It can be difficult for the Cape Cod Baseball League to predict the weather as well. Today’s game between the Whitecaps and Firebirds was postponed around 1 p.m., however the sky cleared up a few hours before they would have played, and they might have been able to play it, although the field was flooded in some areas. Rescheduling games because of rain, lightning, or even fog can be difficult, but that is to be expected especially in towns like Chatham where the fog always seems to roll in and postpone games for the Anglers halfway through playing them.

The one delight the inclement weather can bring are nice captures of the not-so-sunny days on the Cape that go unappreciated. Don’t get me wrong, I love the beautiful, hot, summer days that I can spend at the beach and the ballpark at night, but I also don’t mind the rainy, or foggy days that occur every so often throughout the season. Maybe it’s because I live here so I get to spend every day on the Cape, while many people only get a week to try and soak up the sun. But there’s something about those gloomy days that I enjoy.

Earlier this year I was able to take the picture below of Veterans Field after fog halted a game between the Anglers and Whitecaps in the third inning. I also managed to snap a shot of Eldridge Park in Orleans as ominous clouds appeared over the field one night during a Firebirds win against the Gatemen, which is also below. In some ways I enjoy watching games in weather like this even more than a hot summer night. I know most won’t agree with me, but next time it’s not so nice out, instead of sitting inside wishing for the sun, go outside and look for the beauty that is there.



By Ryan Fitzgerald (Cape League PR intern)


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