Cape Cod: The epitome of America

Yesterday, July 4th of 2015, marked my first Independence Day on the Cape. The only word I can think of to describe it was: America. As silly as that sounds, yesterday truly felt like the epitome of American culture all contained into one little section of the country.

I’m going to take this post a little more personal and share with you my thoughts on the Cape and how it positively defines our culture. You see, during the mornings, before I work with the League, I work as a cashier and barista at Dunkin Donuts. Yes, I know it is not the most glamorous job one can have, but my experience working there has allowed me to summarize the Cape a little more than I could if I didn’t. Plus, free coffee.

A good amount of the summer employees at Dunkin are J1 students who are here from Eastern Europe, Russia, and Ireland. Yesterday, as I was working the busiest shift of the summer, (not kidding here…the line was out the door) they all talked to customers about their plans for the day. Customers would come in dressed head to toe in red, white and blue, and chatted with the J1 students about Cape traditions such as fireworks on the beach, parades, and of course, Cape Cod Baseball League games.

After the rush was over, my co-workers told me how there would never be anything like this in their home towns. Just listening to my co-workers sound so enthralled by the events of the day made me realize just how great of a place the Cape is to come to in the summer. Out of all places to go in the United States, these J1 students chose Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Now I understand why: Cape Cod truly is the epitome of classic American culture. I have written about how fantastic the baseball league is with its free admission, heavy support from fans and volunteers, and Americana atmosphere, but now I am more thankful than ever to spend the summer in such an amazing place with such an amazing baseball league.

IMG_4523  IMG_4534

Tori Cotnoir, Contributor  


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