Theres a Fox on Cape!

well… not that kind of fox.. This past week Fox College Sports came to Veterans Field to film the Chatham Anglers take on Bourne Braves and broadcast a game live! They had two broadcasters sitting up in the press box, and cameras set up all around the field. There was also a broadcaster by the dugout interviewing the players between innings.  Every person I spoke to had a million questions for me about how the season was going and everyone was very nice and professional.The broadcasters interviewed two players who have been best friends since way before this summer as well as updates about the season and the cape league in general. This was a great way to spread the word about the Cape league to more than just those who visit for the weekend, because it was seen by everyone on live tv! During one of the invterviews the broadcaster had to dodge a line drive hit her way! Luckily she was not hit, but she said from now on, she’s gonna star wearing a helmet.

IMG_1787  IMG_1799

Megan O’Shea


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