Donut stop believing…in Red Wilson Donut Burgers!

The man. The myth. The legend. The Donut Burger.

Red Wilson field is not only home to the Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox, but perhaps one of the greatest inventive foods of all time: The Donut Burger. Located at the concessions stand, The Donut Burger has been being sold at Red Wilson since the 1990’s. This delectable sandwich is an experience in itself that must be tried by one at some point in their life.

The sandwich is made to be exactly how it sounds: a Dunkin’ Donut (choices include but are not limited to glazed, chocolate glazed, and jelly filled) sliced in half with a burger placed in the middle. Toppings are also offered for the meal including the usual ketchup, mustard, relish, and the slightly unusual cheese whiz.

“Hm, I could give that a try, but it sounds a little on the unhealthy side,”you may be thinking.


Well, donut worry because the Donut Burger covers all sections of the nutritional pyramid according to Y-D’s poster at concessions!

The Donut Burger is only one of the great opportunities Red Wilson offers. Come out to any one of the myriad of home games that Y-D is hosting for the rest of the summer and experience this phenomenon for yourself!

-Tori Cotnoir, contributor 


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