Oh how the summer sets so quickly…

It feels like just a week ago I was returning home to the Cape for yet another summer when in reality that was over 2 months ago. The Cape League season has flown by and the All-Star game is on Saturday while playoffs start in just over a week! Where did the time go? I guess when you spend the summer busily working, catching as many games as you can, and hitting the beach whenever possible, the days just come and go quickly. That’s how it is for me at least.

There’s still time to see your favorite teams play at their beloved home fields however, as regular season games will be played from now until August 2nd. And the race for the championship this year is a close one. Orleans is ahead of everyone with an impressive record of 25-9 and the first to clinch a playoff spot, however all other teams will be grinding to make the playoffs this summer. It’s been a fast season, but an entertaining one as well. With a limited number of games left, the teams will play their most competitive baseball yet to try and earn a solid place in the playoffs. Tune into each playoff series because they are all sure to be hard fought games. As we near the end, its nice to look back on the highlights and fun moments this season, and summer in general has brought us. After all, its summer on Cape, and what’s more fun than that?!

Ryan FitzgeraldĀ 


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