Lucky Number Twenty Eight

Twenty eight. That is the number of internships that yours truly applied for this winter for internships this summer. Twenty eight.

Within this abominable number, that I honestly still cringe at reading, I applied for internships in the Music Industry, the Fashion Industry, and General Business Industries. Those three industries made up twenty seven of the essays I wrote as I desperately hoped one of them would see potential in me and invite me to learn with them over the summer.

It wasn’t until I finished all of these essays that I learned about the Cape Cod Baseball League from my cousin, who had just accepted an internship with the Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox for the summer. After writing over 13,500+ words for the twenty seven other internships, I was not very inclined to write 500 more. However, something in me told me to write them. Maybe it was the creeping fear of having to go back to working my minimum wage job in my home town, or maybe it was fate, who knows. All I know is that I am beyond appreciative to my cousin, my gut, and the glorious human beings of the CCBL who allowed me to work with them this summer for it has been one I will never forget.

You see, I grew up on the other side of sports. I was the kid that was picked last in kickball, that was the first out in tetherball on the playground, and that was never first to start on my soccer team. I was the classic benchwarmer.

I don’t mean to sound pitiful, because I really didn’t mind. Sports just wasn’t my thing, so I turned to reading and writing. Due to my lack of athletic talent, I became more of an artsy individual as I went through high school. Hence why twenty seven of the twenty eight internships I applied to were not related to sports at all.

After being accepted by the glorious human beings of the CCBL for a summer internship, I had about two months to learn everything there was to know about baseball. When offered such an incredible opportunity, there was no way I was going to perform at anything below average. However, I didn’t realize just how much there was to know about this amazing game. Sure, I could read packets upon packets of information regarding terminology, statistics, and player information, but none of that could prepare me for the behind the scenes work that the CCBL expected of me.

It was intimidating, but I couldn’t ask for a more thrilling experience. Being immersed into the world of baseball was an experience I’ll never forget. Working behind the scenes, (not actually playing it, like I would have to as a child) allowed me to finally understand the hype of the sport. When it is played like it is here on Cape Cod, it is a magical experience which can be seen by just glancing at the stands of the fields from supportive fans.

So as I approach the last week of my summer here on the Cape, I just would like to thank every single person that attended a game, worked as an intern, worked with the league, or played in it. Thank you for showing the artsy hipster the other phenomenal side of sports. Thank you for making twenty eight my new lucky number.

-Tori Cotnoir, CCBL intern


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